Forum for Solidarity Youth Southern Branch

Direction: Women’s and Youth’s Wing

Localization: Ukraine, Odessa region, the city of Odessa

Brief project description:

  1. Problem:

In connection with the rapid development of the Solidarity Youth in Odesa region, new members of the organization are hardly know each other and the organization’s leadership.

  1. Purpose of the project:

To consolidate the members of the Odessa chapter of the Solidarity Youth, familiarize members with all realized and planned projects, and establish communication within the organization.

  1. Proposed action:

To hold the Forum of the in Odessa on 31 March, 2018 for 50 organisation’s members.

  1. The project’s target audience:

Southern branch of the Solidarity Youth’s activists.

  1. Key indicators for project assessment:

In social terms, to provide an opportunity for all Solidarity Youth’s activists to get acquainted with each other, to get new knowledge and the motivation for even more rapid development of the organization

  1. Risks (obstacles) in the implementation of the event: bad weather conditions may prevent participants to get to Odessa (low probability).
  2. Examples of similar events:

Regional Forum for the development of local chapters, organized by National Democratic Institute for the BPP-Solidarity on October 7-8 in the city of Odessa.

Project team:

NGO Solidarity Youth

Project budget: UAH 28, 247.

Implementation timeframe: 12 March – 4 April, 2018

Categories: Project Contest

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