Political Leadership Workshop

Direction: Women’s and Youth’s Wing

Localization: Ukraine, Mykolaiv region, the city of Mykolayiv

Brief project description:

Goal: to tell about leadership as the organization and management of a small group, unleashing leadership potential as a combination of self-management and team leadership.


  1. a) Determining the motivation of participants in achieving success and avoiding failure;
  2. b) development of leadership qualities among workshop participants;
  3. c) practical skills of leadership behaviour;
  4. d) formation of self-analysis skills.


  1. a) Discover your own leadership potential. Analyse own resources and deficiencies to build leadership capacity.
  2. b) The use of techniques and methods of winning authority in a team.
  3. c) Practical use of methods and techniques of the creation of personal brand and formation of a leader’s image.
  4. d) The use of technologies to strengthen leadership positions in the emotionally tense, problematic and conflict situations.
  5. e) practical self-analysis skills.

Project team:

NGO Solidarity Youth of the Mykolaiv region was established in the fall of the past year. Our team started from 13 members and has 26 members today. Most projects, in particular training workshops are aimed at the upbringing of a new generation of political leaders and active citizens interested in the everyday life and development of the city. Over this period of time we have organized 10 projects and plan to implement about 13 by the end of spring.

Project budget: UAH 27,130.

Implementation deadline: 17-18 March, 2018

Categories: Project Contest

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