Kyiv recycles/ # KyivSchoolRecycling

Direction: Women’s and Youth’s Wing

Localization: Kyiv

Brief project description:

The project aims to give start to garbage sorting in Kyiv schools and the formation of a conscious, correct attitude of students and teachers to waste sorting through promotion, daily communication, interesting activities, collection of sorted waste and real cash reward for the collected garbage.

The purpose: to teach every student in Kyiv and members of their families how

to handle waste and where to put it.

Objective: To conduct a series of ecological trainings to give hands-on experience for students, holding excursions to sorting lines, training of proper waste management, collection of waste at school in return for monetary compensation for school self-government.

Project team:

Project Manager – Yevhen Kuzyk;

Project team: coordinators of the Kyiv TOP youth wing;

Project partner: Kyiv Youth Center (Anna Kutsenko);

Contractor of the project: KP Kyivmiskvtorresursy (a school can have a different contractor, it’s not a problem);

Project budget: UAH 30,000.

Implementation timeframe: March 15 – May 13, 2018 (phase I of the project)

Categories: Project Contest

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