Transparency and Integrity in Kyiv Higher Education

Direction: Fighting corruption

Localization: city ​​of Kyiv

Brief project description:

The project is aimed at ensuring transparency and openness of activities of higher educational establishments, reducing the level of corruption in the educational process. Target audience, active participants and, at the same time, beneficiaries of this project are student youth, teachers, public organizations, student self-governments and higher schools. Local authorities will be involved in the project implementation.

Within the framework of the project it is planned to hold training seminars for students with interactive innovative methods of teaching, debate and discussions. The project provides for holding a press conference. Participants will be encouraged to come up with proposals to improve the transparency of the activities of higher education establishments, where they study or work. In general, it is planned that at least 250 students and teachers of various higher educational establishments, as well as public activists will take part in the project. The main goal of the project is to increase the level of transparency and openness of higher educational establishments, increase the level of integrity in the educational process in higher education institutions.

Project team:

The project will be implemented by a team that has an experience in public activities and student self-government and has broad contacts among student leaders and college administrations.

The project partners will be student self-governments and student unions who seek their own higher education institutions to become more open and transparent. It is also planned to get involved representatives of local and central executive authorities in the field of education and youth policy. The project is open to new partners, including from public organizations that support the project’s goals.

Project budget: UAH 30,000.

Implementation timeframe: April – June 2018.

Categories: Project Contest

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